Iced Tea (Longan Honey Series)


For all the iced tea lovers out there, we've concoct the best tea combination with our longan honey! Choose from our selection of soothing caffine-free herbal teas, or go with the classic green/black tea paired with the unique fruity and floral tones of the honey!


Premium Loose Leaf


Chrysanthemum - Floral and slightly sweet with notes of honey (caffiene-free)

Hibiscus - Tart and tangy, almost cranberry like flavor (caffiene-free)

Jasmine Green Tea - Delicate and subtle flavor with a perfumed aroma

Assam Black Tea - Full-bodied malty flavor, deep aroma classic black tea



Deluxe Tea Bag (+$4)

Peach Oolong - Aromatic, refreshing, lush and fruity flavor

Iced Tea Kit (Honey) -Chrysanthemum, Peach Oolong, Hibiscus, Jasmine & Assam

  • This kit includes:

    1 x Topping - Choose from the following:

    Pearls, Mango jelly (+$2), Lychee jelly (+2), Coconut jelly (+2)

    1 x 350g Longan honey

    10 x Deluxe tea bag (90g)


    1 x 35g loose leaf tea 

    10x Tea bag filter

    10 x Compostable bubble tea straws

    1x Instructional leaflet

    Makes 10 servings of bubble tea!

    **The glass cup in the photo is NOT included**


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